Bike, Tikes, and…Lites

A co-worker asked me to do a motorcycle picture for her son. In true toddler style he’s obsessed with vehicles, especially motorbikes. She’d seen a linocut print in a style she liked and requested something with clean lines in black-and-white.

I’ve never drawn any type of vehicle, so it was a fun challenge. It was particularly tricky to create the effect of a relief style print with felt pens. It’s very counterintuitive as you have to draw most of the image in negative space. Thank goodness for my lightbox!

(Just in case) a light box is a “translucent surface illuminated from behind” according to wikipedia. I’m so sorry to quote wiki, but I’m too tired to explain basic concepts today.

The first stage was to draw the image as I regularly would. I based it on a couple of cruiser Harley-Davidson vintage style bikes. The second was to trace and colour in the relief shapes, using the lightbox, to make a faux lino print.

Stage One
Stage Two
Vroom, Finished!

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