Computer Classroom

In my efforts to self educate, I completed my first Skillshare class this weekend. I started with Roman Muradov’s Expressive Illustration: From Ideas to Execution. It was a great starting point as it deals with an easy technique for mining inspiration for assigned work and isn’t too long of a course!


You begin by selecting two words that you build a connecting idea around and are the base for the final image. I did a few word sets but I’ll only share the one I did the final drawing for. The class covered photoshop techniques which I’m not equipped for for (yet). However I was able to use some of the collage style of assembling a piece that he demonstrated with just my light box. I also took his advice to try a media I’m not comfortable with, so I used india ink and watercolours.




The final result is not great, but I enjoyed the class. It’s always a good exercise to try out different technical styles and it was good to explore a different way of approaching finding inspiration. I think my main issue (aside from a lack of skill with the media) was not pushing the words and their possible connections far enough.




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