New Thing; New Techniques

Alright, the next stage of my illustration skill development has begun. I’m embarking on digital art, which is terrifying because computers are not usually my friend. I get very frustrated, and very angry, very quickly. But, learning! Patience! Positivity…

So I’ve now got a tablet/laptop where you can draw on the screen (high tech and user friendly (mostly)). I’m starting with a sketchbook app Sketchable and will start on Photoshop etc as I get my bearings.

I’m enjoying the freedom of experimentation without commitment that comes with working digitally. However I had a bit of a fit earlier when it took me way too long to figure out how to do a simple, but important, step that preserved only the line work of the drawing I imported.

The featured image at the top is the first thing I made and it was all done on the computer. The image below, which is in progress, is the drawing from last week which I’m using as a base to figure out layering, the different brushes, etc.



purple people


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