The First Slip

The last couple of weeks have been very busy and I fell off the weekly post format. I’m a bit disappointed with myself, despite the extenuating life circumstances, but it probably was inevitable that it would happen. However, I did actually produce some work in the last couple of weeks so my system hasn’t completely broken down.

I’m still playing around with Sketchable and getting comfortable in the digital realm. The interior below was done by tracing over an image from Apartment Therapy in a loose, sketchbook style and then colouring it to play with brush textures in a different decor style from the original image.

Modified Apartment Therapy

The face mash below looks like something I would’ve done in high-school; it was done pretty quickly while I was visiting at the hospital last week. I thought I’d include it because it’s kind of a fun art flashback to me.

Hospital Waiting Room

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